Video~Release ALL Files in Mumia’s Case

Posted: May 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

The Mobilization for Mumia coalition is calling for for the release of all files in the Abu-Jamal case – as ordered by the judge.

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Hot Video!!

Cameo — Boots Riley & Angela Davis. A Monumental Change in Mumia’s Case and that of many other PA prisoners is before us. Please forward to your friends! Call the DA or email & Join us in Philly, Tues, March 30!! Takes a village to make a short video. Hany Massoud of Democracy Now made magic. Oh and Rebel Diaz’s Never a Prisoner is Everything!!

See for yourself here
“Follow the Judge’s Order! Release ALL The Files in Mumia’s Case” 

Philadelphia—On Tuesday, May 30th, The Mobilization For Mumia, a coalition of human rights groups in support of political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal, will host a 2PM press conference and rally at the Philadelphia DA’s office to demand that the office comply with a recent court order in the Abu-Jamal case: the release, by May 30th, of all files that cite the involvement in this case of former DA…

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  1. Appalling, isn’t it, futuret? Hopefully this court case will receive some mainstream media attention.

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