Russia Launches “First Strike” Against US Dollar

“The more aggressive the Americans are, the sooner they will see the final collapse of the dollar and by getting rid of the dollar this would be the only way for victims of American aggression to stop this onslaught” – Kremlin advisor.

Satu Insan - Malaysia


UN And Western Spy Chiefs In Panic After Russia Launches “First Strike” Against US Dollar

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

In what is looking more by the hour to be a Russian “first strike” against the United States during this current “cold phase” of World War III, the Security Council (SC) is reporting today that President Putin has ordered the immediate implementation of the “Golden Tsar” attack plan against the US dollar—and that has so terrified the West, its top spy masters (the “Five Eyes Alliance”), have rushed to New Zealand for a secret meet and the UN Security Council is now rushing to the White House—but whose efforts to counter the Federation will fail; and as stated by top Kremlin advisor Sergey Glazyev who warned these Western elites: “

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13 thoughts on “Russia Launches “First Strike” Against US Dollar

  1. Well, Dr. Bramhall, you did tell me that Vladimir Putin was playing chess while these American yokels were playing checkers and it sure looks like Putin will get to claim “checkmate!” I’m certainly hopeful. While the U.S. only has its military to bully the world, other countries were moving to put paid to this hole in a more lethal manner. Destroy the currency and you destroy the country and it really doesn’t matter if the U.S. simply prints more money because we, as a people are broke. The writing is on the wall.

    With thousands of stores closing and with fast food restaurants clamoring for fewer dollars, it ain’t looking so good. I get coupons in the mail every month from Burger King offering me everything from a complete breakfast for $2.00 to a complete Whopper meal for $5.00 and two can eat a complete Whopper meal for $8.99. It used be a complete Whopper meal for 2 for $10.00. Desperation is showing. I guess in a few months, the complete Whopper meal for 2 will be $5.99 And hell! I don’t even eat at fast food restaurants. Know anyone who could use some Burger King coupons? I’ve got Papa Johns and Dominos too.


  2. I sometimes still go for the 60 cents soft ice cream option at McDonalds to help prop up the Australian economy. Gloria Jeans in Bowral looks mostly empty or at best on pension day (Thursday) you might get an elderly couple whooping it up on a small latte with banana bread for $ 8.0.
    You get those hopeful glances from the franchise owners when walking by to make one feel guilty and the day grey.


    • Good for you, gerard. Things are so bad for young people in this current global economic mess that sometimes I worry that us pensioners will be the last ones standing. From what I hear on BBC4, it sounds like UK pensioners are holding up the British economy – For everyone else incomes are decreasing.


  3. Dr. Bramhall, this is just another step forward, following the establishment of the BRICS New Development Bank established in July 2014.
    This latest development (SPFS) also explains the increase in US military aggression against Syria and North Korea and the build-up of military forces along the borders of China and Russia. The empire not only seeks to destabilize the region but is also prepared to start a nuclear World War III to maintain its power.


  4. Very concise analysis, Rosaliene. I agree this is most likely what is going on. I think a civilization can only survive on the ideology of greed for so long before it dies – when people cease to be concerned about the welfare of their children and grandchildren it’s all over.


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