Years ago Russia researched the biological effects of microwave ovens… then banned them

Posted: March 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

After conducting thorough research into the health effects of microwave EMFs, Russia determined in 1976 that microwaves were dangerous to their people. In that year, Russia banned the devices to protect their citizenry.



(NaturalNews) What would your life be like if you didn’t have a microwave oven? While your microwave certainly saves you time, is it slowly destroying your health? Not only do microwaves attract the most unhealthy, nutrient-depleted foods, but they also expose families to electromagnetic radiation that permeates the walls and the human body.

The electromagnetic field (EMF) produced by common household microwaves is something Russia has taken seriously in the past. After conducting thorough research into the health effects of microwave EMFs, Russia determined in 1976 that microwaves were dangerous to their people. In that year, Russia banned the devices to protect their citizenry.

Microwave radiation permeates households

The radio frequency radiation emitted by microwaves doesn’t remain contained in the microwave oven. In fact, the FDA has their own set of safety standards limiting the amount of microwaves that can leak from an oven throughout its lifetime. In the U.S…

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  1. I don’t have a microwave and it’s not just because I can’t cook, I have no need for one due to what I eat. All I need is a fridge. Not being able to cook has distinct advantages. I will admit.

    If anyone is still unsure as to whether or not our government gives a damn about our health, are you still unsure? If Russia can ban microwaves and the Russian government is considered by the U.S. to be the ‘bad’ guys, then what does that say for our government? I rest my case!

  2. And I can recall being a medical student at Mt Sinai when microwaves first came out and all the warnings that patients with heart pacemakers shouldn’t go near them – obviously due to microwave leakage. That was 40 years ago and now no one warns heart patients any longer.

    Just out of curiosity, Shelby, are you just vegan? Or are you on a raw food diet? The latter is highly recommended for cancer prevention and treatment.

    • Quite frankly, I am on a raw foods diet. I am basically, a rabbit. The really sad fact is that I can have no seeds of any kind thanks to diverticulosis. So, no cucumbers, no nuts, no seeds, etc. I drink a lot of green tea and I have actually sworn off champagne which was extremely hard to do. If I feel hunger pangs coming on, I have already sliced celery and carrots and cut up broccoli spears and they are in the fridge waiting my consumption. I am also lactose intolerant and so I don’t eat ice cream or other dairy products. My endocrinologist when I was in Minnesota was filled with disbelief over my cholesterol test results. Whenever she would send them to me, she would write in, “Excellent!” And when I would see her for my annual visit, she would state that my excellent cholesterol numbers were more than likely genetic. I explained to her what my eating habits were and she still maintained that I had a genetic predisposition of my body ridding itself of fatty deposits. If I eat no fat, how could my body be so predisposed to getting rid of it? Also, I have never liked eggs and so there! My main problem now is the pain from a horrible car crash three years ago this coming May.

      • Good for you Shelby. Sounds like it all requires intense discipline -but I’m sure it will be well worth it in the long run. Chronic pain is a tough nut to crack, though, especially when it results. Let’s hope your name comes up soon for the pain specialist.

        • Thank you Dr. Bramhall, I appreciate that. My appointment date is April 5th, so it won’t be long now. What he is going to prescribe for me, I can’t wait to find out. But I was told that this doctor is the best. So, we shall see.

  3. Michael says:

    1. It depends on how you use them. A second hand MW can heat tea water, milk or potatoes within one minute. Packaged foods? Never in my household.
    2. If there were leakage, any b/g/n wireless device could not work while LAYING on top of the MW.
    Physics seems to be hard these days.
    Disclaimer: I own a Trisa. ymmv.

  4. Thanks for the insights, Michael.

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