How Pharma Companies Use ‘Citizen Petitions’ to Keep Drug Prices High

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, many citizens petitions against generic drugs originate from pharmaceutical companies.



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How Pharma Companies Use ‘Citizen Petitions’ to Keep Drug Prices High

Ninety-two percent of citizen petitions filed against generics come from brand-name drug companies.

EpiPens on a table
EpiPens brought by Mylan CEO Heather Bresch at a congressional hearing about EpiPen pricesPablo Martinez Monsivai / AP

In theory, citizen petitions about drug safety are supposed to be exactly what they sound like: a way for anyone to bring concerns straight to the Food and Drug Administration.

In practice, many citizen petitions are filed by none other than pharmaceutical companies themselves—as a way of fighting off a competitor’s cheaper generic drug…

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