Newly Declassified CIA Report Exposes Over 25 Years Of U.S. Plans To Destabilize Syria

Posted: March 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Source: Mint Press News

Anti-Assad protesters burn a picture of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with 'Corruption' written across his face. (AP/Kostas Tsironis)

Anti-Assad protesters burn a picture of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with ‘Corruption’ written across his face. (AP/Kostas Tsironis)


SYRIA — While the nearly seven-year-long sectarian “civil war” in Syria is widely believed to have started in 2011, revelations in recent years have shown that the sectarian war that has sunk Syria into chaos actually precedes the “official” start of the conflict.

In 2010, Wikileaks published hundreds of thousands of classified State Department cables, including a 2006 cable showing that destabilizing the Syrian government was a primary goal of U.S. policy in the Middle East. The ultimate intention was to topple Iran, one of Syria’s closest allies. The cable revealed that the U.S.’ goal at the time was to undermine the Syrian government by any means available.

In addition, retired United States Army General Wesley Clark’s bombshell interview with Democracy Now exposed the existence of plans for regime change in Syria that date as far back as 2001. Now, a newly declassified document from the Central Intelligence Agency has shown that these regime change efforts date back even further to the late 1980s – and potentially even earlier.

The declassified document was written in July, 1986 by the Foreign Subversion and Instability Center, a part of the CIA’sMission Center for Global Issues, and is titled “Syria: Scenarios of Dramatic Political Change.” As the document itself states, its purpose is to analyze – in a “purposely provocative” manner – “a number of possible scenarios that could lead to the ouster of President Assad [Bashar al-Assad’s father, Hafez] or other dramatic change in Syria.”

The report’s meager distribution list suggest it was considered by top officials in the Reagan administration, specifically because it was distributed to national security chiefs, not entire agencies. It was also distributed to a handful of key players in U.S.-Syria relations, such as former Ambassador to Syria William Eagleton.

Though the document itself officially predates the current Syrian conflict by nearly 25 years, much of its analysis brings to mind recent events in Syria, particularly those that led to the outbreak of war in 2011. Chief among these is the rise of factionalism between Sunni Muslim elements against the ruling Alawi minority (a Shi’ite sect), as well as the potential to counter Russian influence in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East. These similarities suggest that U.S. regime change efforts in Syria date back to well over 30 years ago – proof of the persistent imperialist elements that consistently guide U.S. foreign policy.

The Rise of Factionalism and Sectarian Conflict in Syria

A Free Syrian Army fighter from the Al-Faruk brigade, center, steps on a portrait of Syrian President Bashar Assad, Sept. 22, 2012 (AP/Hussein Malla)

A Free Syrian Army fighter from the Al-Faruk brigade steps on a portrait of Syrian President Bashar Assad, Sept. 22, 2012 (AP/Hussein Malla)


Of all the named “individuals and groups that might impel or impede takeover attempts” that are recognized by the CIA, Syria’s Sunni population ranks highest among them. The CIA notes that “factionalism plagues the political and military elite” as the ruling Alawi minority “is deeply resented by the Sunni majority it dislodged from power two decades ago.” The document also states that “a renewal of communal violence between Alawis and Sunnis could inspire Sunnis in the military to turn against the regime.” . . .


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  1. Caleb Gee says:

    The end game of the U.S.’s wicked goal in Syria has been the same apparently in administration after administration, to either make it a vessel for Western interests or make it a place uninhabitable for humankind.

    • Excellent point, Caleb. The US, yet again, fighting to steal other people’s resources – as they did in Latin America. Thanks for commenting.

      • For the world’s largest multinational corporations nations are either customers or they are not. If they are “good” customers normalcy or business as usual applies; if the nation (customer) breaks business relations (especially banking using dollars) with the corporate entity collectively referred to as “the West”, well.. we see the sad, criminal, profound negative consequences. Perhaps the Trump administration will take Scott Bennett’s book/information “Shell Game” on terrorist financing with the seriousness it requires and initiate justice… or maybe not.

        • Excellent point, Jerry, though I’m not sure if I would call the vassal states whose rich resources make them fall prey to US economic imperialism “customers.” I would be more inclined to call them “colonies” – as most are forced to sponsor US military bases (ie military occupation), in addition to opening their economies up to Wall Street investment, resource extraction and exploitation of their labor force. I’m sure the Trump administration is well aware of the US role in terrorist financing – the question is whether his right wing cabinet and the Republicans in Congress will let him do anything (other than sending out Tweets) about it.

          • You are likely aware Stuart that Scott Bennett and your friend Jim Fetzer have collaborated on numerous radio programs. They both hold out hope that Trump is going to forcefully act upon all the massive criminal activities, false flags, corruption, etc. Bennett and Fetzer have repeatedly exposed in their broadcasts.What’s so perplexing is that of all the exposures Scott and Jim have presented, Trump hasn’t said or done anything during the presidential campaign or after the election about any of them, yet they still “keep the Trump faith”. How does it come down to or become the responsibility of Scott and Jim, both deserving of respect for their truth efforts, to speak on these very serious matters when Trump could simply make the revelations himself.

            • I think Trump will try to expose these massive criminal activities if he can but he’s walking a really fine line. Right now in addition to battling the Deep State and the mainstream media (just look what happened when he exposed that the Obama administration was monitoring his communications – it’s on record they had a FISA order to do so), he’s also battling the conservatives in his own cabinet who want to keep this information suppressed.

              I think he runs a strong risk of being portrayed as mentally ill for revealing criminal false flag activities and removed under the 25th amendment.

      • Caleb Gee says:

        Absolutely. I plan to re-blog this onto my blog when I can get to my PC this evening if you don’t mind.

  2. Newly Declassified CIA Report Exposes Over 25 Years Of U.S. Plans To Destabilize Syria | The Most Revolutionary Act | rudolfblog says:

    […]… […]

  3. Caleb Gee says:

    Reblogged this on United States Hypocrisy and commented:
    The CIA and the U.S. military industrial complex have been sharpening their knives for Syria for a quarter of a century now. Much of the chaos and bloodshed we are seeing there now are a part of this decades-long design.

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