Study finds Subway’s chicken only contains about 50 percent chicken DNA

A recent study conducted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has found that the sandwich chain’s chicken meat contains about only about 50 percent chicken DNA — or about half as much as fresh chicken from a supermarket.

9 thoughts on “Study finds Subway’s chicken only contains about 50 percent chicken DNA

    • In New Zealand, the campylobacter capital of the world, you take your life in your hands by buying chicken from the supermarket. They say you can kill campylobacter by cooking it properly, but believe me, my friends, this is not true.


  1. HAHAHA! I am SO surprised! NOT! Who in the world is still running through the doors of a Subway Restaurant? I thought that after they weren’t too particular about who they got for a spokesperson that they would be next to folding by now. I guess associations with pedophiles aren’t enough to hurt business, but maybe this will, eh? LMAO!!

    It would seem that I’m not the only one who is not eating meat…I mean…there are those who are at least not eating much meat thanks to Subway’s half chicken/half huh? sandwich. I just cannot stop laughing over this one!


    • LOL, Shelby. You have a wicked sense of humor pointing out Subway’s involuntary conversion of meat eaters to vegetarians. I don’t know about the US, but here in the US, Subway is promoted as the “healthy” fast food alternative.

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      • LMAO! It is promoted the same here Dr. Bramhall because of all of those veggies on the sandwich and now because we know that there ain’t much antibiotic injected meat on the sandwich either. LOL!


  2. Oh man! I worked for subway back in the 1980’s. They were ahead of their time offering turkey based lean meats instead of beef. The quality was always amazing. I’ll admit that the Jared fiasco is disgusting, but I have to say I was always impressed that they never compromised on quality. Just my personal experience. 🙂


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