BOMBSHELL investigation: Google an “information dominance” front for the CIA

Confirmation of Google’s links to the CIA – something many of us have suspected all along. I find it interesting that NaturalNews isn’t being censored by the Google NZ domain – apparently this is only happening in the US.



(Natural News) One of the fascinating things that’s happening as a side effect of Natural News being blacklisted by Google is that thousands of people are contacting us with information about the hidden history of Google. As we are coming to discover, Google isn’t an innocent, friendly search engine created to help humanity… it’s actually an extension of the deep state that seeks to dominate and enslave all of humanity.

The following full article was originally published by Insurge Intelligence at this link. It’s part of a crowd-funded investigative journalism project which seeks to question the true history behind some of the most powerful forces in our society.

This article will shock you, just as it shocked me. (And I’m hard to shock, as I’ve seen almost everything you can imagine as a trailblazer of free thinking and free speech.) Read this article, learn what…

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11 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL investigation: Google an “information dominance” front for the CIA

  1. All big social media companies are getting multi-billion dollar contracts for giving government backdoor access to user’s “private” communications. The U.S. spends $100,000,000,000 annually on intelligence. Spying is probably more lucrative than advertisements that have wire thin margins for on-line advertising:


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