Love Him, Hate Him, Trump is 100% Correct – Mainstream Media IS “The Enemy of The American People” – The Daily Coin

Posted: February 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

It is about time an elected official stood up to these paid propagandist who continually lie, deceive and push the agenda of the deep state and their oligarch owners. .

  1. Love Him, Hate Him, Trump is 100% Correct – Mainstream Media IS “The Enemy of The American People” – The Daily Coin | The Most Revolutionary Act | rudolfblog says:

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  2. I am glad he is saying what most of us having been saying for some time now and that is that the mainstream media is our worst enemy. ‘Reporters’ are now a mouthpiece of the global elite who feed us what they want and not what the truth is. And since the media is owned by less than a handful of corporations, what else can we expect? I am glad he took them to task. I hope he continues to treat them like shit because that is exactly what they are, shit! No one else had the balls to call them out on their lies and disinformation. And regardless of whether or not Trump is raging bloody hell against the media because of continued bad press is irrelevant. That he is doing it at all is a big, huge plus, in my book! Kudos to Trump!

  3. I think you have a point, Shelby. Without Trump none of this would be comingout.

  4. PeaceFrog says:

    There is too much concentration in media. The few minority TV stations like BET, and OWN are co-opted, and, consequently offer little variance from the mainstream. Small public broadcast should be encouraged and syndicated. These licenses are supposed to be granted by the FCC in the public interest, but, they are, in practice, sounding boards of the elite leitkultur. Europe is somewhat more progressive. There are viable voices in alternative parties at the highest levels. This is also reflected by a greater number of publications, of alternative political views, in some small Scandinavian countries than can be found in the exponentially more populous United States.

    • You are absolutely right about the concentration of the media in corporate hands, PeaceFrog. The need for reform here is extremely urgent. If I were Trump, I would start with the public airwaves, which are publicly owned and virtually handed over to corporate interests for a very low license fee. As we own the airwaves, they need to be run in the public interest – either by charging license fees more comparable to their worth to private corporations or by creating independent agencies (similar to the post office) to run them in the public interest.

  5. Interesting film clip. Thanks for posting.

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