Trump’s Fascism Beginning?

Facebook messages received by opponents to DAPL pipeline.

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A bunch of us got them this morning, All Water Protectors. Just more Intimidation tactics.

Trump will use every legalistic sounding fraud to push through pipelines and other projects. This is full blown fascism, and it’s been less than two weeks.

Now “Homeland Security” is raiding Facebook to help round up all opponents to the DAPL pipeline.

And they are currently confirming that monster Jeff Sessions to be their ultimate prosecutor.


Donald Trump urged the Senate’s Republican leader on Wednesday to resort to the “nuclear option” of scrapping longstanding chamber rules if needed to confirm Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

It’s going to be power grabbing for the indefinite future if he isn’t STOPPED.

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6 thoughts on “Trump’s Fascism Beginning?

  1. Here we go! And people have been urging me to join Facebook when I have enough problems dealing with Worstpress. This is a clear sign of things to come and the signs don’t look good, but what can we expect when Obama was basically given a free pass to continue to take our rights away from us and so then we turned to ‘Orange Julius’. He’ll teach our ‘rights’ a lesson!


  2. Too true, Shelby. I confess that I’m on Facebook – mainly because it seems to work better than email to notify people who live locally about workshops, rallies etc that I’m organizing. I have always been very careful not to post anything I wouldn’t want the FBI, Homeland Security and the FBI to read.


  3. Social Media that becomes a surveillance tool for the powers that be will rapidly loose users, methinks. They certainly don’t seem to be fighting for users’ privacy or free speech. I use Facebook sparingly, Twitter more, but never have the illusion that any form of electronic communication is immune from the prying eyes of those who seek to quell dissent.


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