Trump at Langley, the CIA’s Lion’s Den



By Stephen Lendman


On Saturday, Trump entered the lion’s den, visiting and speaking at CIA headquarters.

The agency under departed director John Brennan wanted his scalp – delegitimized and undermined, based on phony claims of Russian US election hacking, helping him defeat Hillary.

He’s now America’s 45th president. His incoming CIA director Mike Pompeo has yet to be confirmed. Senate Democrats Ron Wyden (OR), Patrick Leahy (VT) and Richard Blumenthal (CT) delayed his confirmation, solely for political reasons.

It was scheduled for Friday, Trump’s inaugural day. A joint statement said “in these dangerous times, (his) nomination (must) be thoroughly vetted, questioned and debated.”

With or without Pompeo in charge, the CIA constitutes a major threat to Trump, all other prominent figures challenging dirty business as usual – and most important world peace.

The late Chalmers Johnson called the agency incompatible with democratic freedoms. Its “unchecked power” threatens everyone everywhere. Its existence “shorten(s) the life of the American republic.”

At Langley, Trump spoke to around 400 CIA personnel, coming in on their day off to hear him. With Pompeo accompanying him, he criticized Senate Democrats for delaying his confirmation, saying they’re “playing little political games.”

Trump wants him heading the agency posing his greatest threat, saying he was the only one he interviewed for the job. “I didn’t want to meet anybody else. I said cancel them, cancel them.”

He told House Speaker Paul Ryan “I don’t want to lose this guy.” Does he believe Pompeo as his man heading the CIA can protect him from potential agency anti-Trump long knives?

Does he believe a peace offering by showing up as his “first (post-inaugural) stop,” and saying he’s “behind you 1000%…(N)obody…feels stronger about the intelligence community and CIA than Donald Trump” can save him if agency dark forces want him eliminated?

Last week, he blasted now departed CIA head John Brennan for being “the leaker of (anti-Trump) fake news”- referring the fabricated dodgy dossier, claiming Russia has compromising information about him, alleging it could be used for manipulative purposes.

No one is afforded a honeymoon with America’s leading rogue agency without playing by its rules, established by America’s deep state.

If Trump goes his own way, contrary to longstanding US practices, especially geopolitically, he’ll be vulnerable to impeachment or assassination.

Peacemaking at Langley, with his man in charge once confirmed, won’t help if he’s targeted for removal.

His vulnerability, or lack of it, will be better known once his policies become clear. Unprecedented vilification throughout the political season and post-election aftermath isn’t an encouraging sign.

The best advice he should heed is watch your back. Even that won’t help if America’s deep state wants him removed and replaced. Rough and tumble times ahead seem likely.

Source: Trump at Langley, the CIA’s Lion’s Den

19 thoughts on “Trump at Langley, the CIA’s Lion’s Den

      • I think Trump must consolidate his power quickly within CIA goodguys and military-Pentagon(if any) and make his move by killing and or incarcerating Cabal loyalists and globalist traitors. This is a monumental task which will appear as a dictatorial bloodbath but is the only hope of preventing WWIII. IMO, Israel is America’s greatest enemy and is but a front for the globalist Cabal and it appears Trump is keeping his friends close and ENEMIES CLOSER, hence his mask of being a Zionist lover. The lip service he provides the CIA concerning Russia is a ruse to gain confirmation of his patriot cabinet members. Once in place I believe he will withdraw troops from Russian Frontier and ditch NATO, BLOCKADE ISRAEL and drain the global swamp. It is possible that this man could save the world with his cunning instincts and stratagems, or if I am 180 degrees off, and fooled by it all, this will be the end of hope for a better world.


  1. I disagree! Nothing happens politically by accident. Trump was the ‘chosen one’ and not Hildabeast. If Hildabeast was the ‘chosen one’, we would have just witnessed her inauguration. This seemingly contentious discord between Trump and the CIA is mere bombast; it is just a distraction for probably numerous reasons. I could speculate, but why bother? It is all going to play out how it was meant to play out. Those who control the puppets are still in control. Nothing has changed. Trump is merely the puppet masters next puppet and on and on it goes.


    • Perhaps, Shelby. You could be right and it’s all play acting. I still get the strong sense that there is a split in the military-intelligence community over the war in the Middle East – that some long time Pentagon officials feel we are spreading our forces too thin and are unhappy about the CIA getting us into battles we can’t win. I always had the sense that Obama and both Clintons were CIA candidates – owing to their longstanding CIA (ie employment) links.

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      • I truly hope that you are correct Dr. Bramhall. Unfortunately, I am ever the pessimistic one these days considering all that’s been going down. It would be lovely if there was a split because then there may be a reason to keep hope alive. I can but, dare I say, hope?

        Thanks Dr. Bramhall.


    • I hope you are wrong, Shelby, but your assessment is valid and consistent with the imperial colonialism and globalist ruling elite cabal’s century’s long agenda. If there is a higher power of nurturing truth and justice, our’God’, then let this collective force prevail over the forces of darkness and greed, represented as “Evil’ human nature the Sumerians predicted or rather documented the spiritual battle between ENKI and ENLIL , symbolized by the Eagle and the Serpent.The destruction of ancient sites and earlist cuneiform records of human history by the Iraq war and by ISIS, in my opinion is a prime example of The NWO AGENDA TO DENY TRUTH AND REWRITE HISTORY.
      In this same regard the virtual quarantine of ANTARCTICA, and the secrets held there which I believe prove the true origins of mankind and reveal the antideluvian civilizations.It is possible that , ironically the greed of men via profiteering in stolen antiquities may be responsible for DISCLOSURE, one day soon. Carry on truthers.

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  2. And now they are all buds and it’s all good??…. I listened to part of this speech and my thought was ‘what a schmooze’… Surely, he doesn’t believe token words and gestures will guarantee that the CIA will call off the dogs??… Maybe I am just a negative Nellie…


    • I’m inclined to agree with you, Debbie, mainly owing to the massive hammering Trump is taking in the infotainment media. This is surely unhelpful in holding sway in any kind of diplomatic relations and I can’t see the the US foreign policy establishment would support this if they weren’t trying to make things difficult for him.


  3. Comey’s re-opening the email investigation a week before the vote decimated Clinton’s lead, and was the proximate cause for Trump’s victory. I do not believe that Comey acted alone. This whole split between Trump and the CIA smells like PSYOPS. The media and American billionaire oligarchs (not the deep state) are aligned against him-that probably goes back to his roots as a Drumpf!


  4. Comey’s re-opening of the email investigation was probably illegal. The FBI and other federal agencies are bound by a strict code of conduct which prohibits them from (publicly) interfering with federal elections.


    • ..and yet they, ObamaCo is trying to blame Hillary’s defeat on Russian interference. I call, “Foul!” I do not believe for one minute that the Russians interfered with the elections and even if by some magic type act, they could have, hasn’t America interfered more times than I can shake a stick at in elections in other countries? Exactly!


    • Clearly there is a split in the intelligence community, and due in part to 9-11 and CIA-Israeli role in attacking America, The patriot factions within the Military want to return constitutional power to the people, (THEIR PEOPLE). I hope all the psyops are successful in improving the rights and lives of humanity, and not just a shift in wealth from one group of snakes to the other, one MASONIC LODGE, to the next, or one Billionaire boys club specializing in cannibalistic capitalism, literally and figuratively, to one that is only less pedantic.


    • Oh my, the FBI doing something ILLEGAL, what would MRS.HOOVER SAY ? Imo, the agency was forced to reopen by the investigation because the FACTS concerning PIZZAGATE were so raining and revealed that the global trade in human trafficking of children for satanic pedophilia among the ruling elite is so rampant that, thanks to leakers with a conscience , the FBI could not protect itself against charges of complicity in this practice.


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