Standing Rock ‘Water Protectors’ dig in for the Winter and Trump Attack

Standing Rock protestors dig in for the winter.

The Free

A Native American leader asked thousands of protesters to return home, but many protesters chose to stay, sceptical of government’s decision to refuse permission for the controversial oil pipeline project. [Avery White/Al Jazeera]

As winter rages over the Dakotas and temperatures plummet below freezing, NoDAPL protest movement members hold ground.

    by  Avery White  Standing Rock Indian Reservation,      When word came down from the Army Corps of Engineers to the Oceti Sakowin camp that the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) had been denied the final easement to drill below the Missouri River, residents of the camp celebrated the victory with hundreds of veterans who had come to protect natives and their allies.While 21-year-old Sarah seeks refuge from the cold in her tent, she reflects on her life before Standing Rock. ‘I had no purpose before this. I was a walking zombie. Here, I actually…

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8 thoughts on “Standing Rock ‘Water Protectors’ dig in for the Winter and Trump Attack

  1. For more context on Standing Rock, I don’t know if you’ve read this, by Cory Morningstar:


    In my opinion, Morningstar is closer to the truth than many who, once again, and including those who are digging in for the winter, imagine this protest to be something “from the bottom up,” so to speak . . .

    About Morningstar’s expose: it sufficient to read only ‘PART 1’ to “get” the gist of her wide ranging six part investigation, that is, if like most you have only a limited amount of time to devote to this . . .


  2. Interesting. We recently had an interesting debate in a local grassroots group planning a shutdown of an international oil and gas conference in March. New Zealand and New Zealand Grreenpeace have offered to help us mobilize participants but first they had to satisfy local activists that they are totally independent form multinational NGOs that historically have been in bed with multinational corporations.

    My sense is that Midwest and Pacific Northwest activists have been working with local communities for at least three years to shut down oil trains and coal trains. They definitely don’t see it as a trade off between pipelines and fossil fuel trains – they want both shut down.


    • The activists are sincere in what they want. But they are being ‘handled,’ in my opinion, and in the way that Morningstar makes explicit.

      Were you aware that the Dakota Access Pipeline, along the stretch that has ‘provoked’ the protest, is being laid in a pre-existing easement, one in which the Northern Border Pipeline (natural gas) already lies? What of the sacred ground and possible artifact that the latter may have previously disturbed? The easement is already, presumably, graded, and since 1982.

      Another angle to consider is this: Energy Transfer Partners stands to loose $7,421,253,000.00 / year if it fails to deliver on time to its buyers. In other words, where ETP stands to loose $7.5 billion, its buyers stand to gain as much. Even here there are enormous incentives to incite disruptions to the building schedule. (see DAPL IS NOT DEAD

      This isn’t just activists ‘spontaneously’ rising up, of which there are so many unfortunate examples. It looks to me like another instance of instigated zeal worthy of a better cause.


      • I think it’s hard to say without being there on the ground and getting to know the players involved. During my 30+ years as an activist in the US, I was very much aware of different groups being infiltrated to either disrupt a group’s activities or to steer them in a specific direction. The corporate and government infiltrators generally stand out like a sore thumb – as they did during Occupy Wall Street.


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