How the For Profit Corporate Charter School Industry is Hijacking Public Education

Posted: December 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

Charter schools – publicly funded but privately operated schools generally free of most state regulations – are a favorite cause of Republican state lawmakers, and some Democrats.  What’s unclear is how states hell-bent on financial austerity can afford to create what is essentially a new parallel school system of taxpayer supported charter schools.

News For The Blind

If the American Dream is still alive – the one that includes a good job and a house with a yard, kids, and a two-car garage – you can see it taking shape in Wake County in the heart of the state of North Carolina. Signs of surging prosperity are everywhere this morning as I make my way to West Lake Middle School in Apex, NC, on the outskirts of Raleigh.

What were once sleepy two-lane country roads are now teaming with impatient commuters, school busses, and mini-vans. New housing developments, shopping centers, and office buildings are transforming the rolling Piedmont landscape.

Wake County is home to five of the fastest growing cities in the Tar Heel State, which is the state with the nation’s fastest growth in economic output in 2015 at 13.4 percent.

At West Lake Middle this morning, cars and busses in the drop-off lane back up…

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