Bombshell: UN Orders immediate release of Julian Assange – Mirrorspectrum

Julian Assange could be a free man soon as it was reported that the United Nations rejected UK appeal.

The United Nations has dealt a bitter blow to the UK government, ordering them to immediately release Julian Assange from his “illegal detention”.

The UN rejected a UK appeal against its previous ruling in favor of Assange as “inadmissible,” which means that both the UK and Sweden will be forced to free the WikiLeaks founder with immediate effect.

“Now that all appeals are exhausted, I expect that the UK and Sweden will comply with their international obligations and set me free,” Julian Assange said in a statement.

Source: Bombshell: UN Orders immediate release of Julian Assange – Mirrorspectrum

17 thoughts on “Bombshell: UN Orders immediate release of Julian Assange – Mirrorspectrum

  1. Congratulations Mr Assange. I hope he sues both governments for damages. I am quite shocked that the UN actually made this decision. I hope this will help Snowden and the solider whose name I have forgotten that is in jail for being a whistle blower.


    • The whole scenario is extremely difficult to untangle. From what I’ve read, some strange codes were released via Twitter in October that might have been dead man’s switch codes but some say they weren’t the correct ones and some say they related to Assange’s Internet access being cut by Ecuador.

      There is an audiotape from a live phone interview he gave at a 27 November conference that discusses Trump’s election. The sound quality is poor and some of questioned whether the speaker is truly Assange. I think it is him – because of certain vocal mannerisms that are extremely difficult to mimic. I’m inclined to agree with one of the commentators that it’s probably most logical to assume it is him until acoustic specialists can definitely prove it isn’t.

      It’s virtually impossible to prove an audio recording is genuine – all acoustic specialists can do is give you the probability. Proving that it’s fake is far easier.


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