Palast: Stein Initiates Recounts

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has filed for a recount in #Michigan, #Wisconsin and #Pennsylvania. A tiny 50,000 vote shift will un-Trump the Electoral College

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Question: why hasn’t Hillary Clinton filed for her own recounts?

BREAKING: Jill Stein just called, Green Party is filing for recount in #Michigan, #Wisconsin and #Pennsylvania. A tiny 50,000 vote shift will un-Trump the Electoral College.

…Stein said she acted when Clinton turned silent because, “Only candidates may formally demand a re-count and we have standing.”


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7 thoughts on “Palast: Stein Initiates Recounts

    • Obviously we will have to agree to differ on this, amaezed. The intention of the recount is to force the corporate media to focus on the massive vote fraud committed by both Republicans and Democrats. And I agree with Veterans Today – if the recount by some miracle overturns the result in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania (which is extremely unlikely) then Paul Ryan, not Clinton, will constitutionally assume the presidency in January:

      I don’t known if you have any experience with crowdfunding – I do. With a top donation limit of $2,700 and with a crowdfund campaign open to global donors (there are a lot of people around the world who are seriously concerned about Trump’s political inexperience) it’s easy to raise $4,000 a minute.


      • Obama with all his experience hasn’t helped America one iota, so experience isn’t the catalyst that saves. I look at heart. It’s sorely needed in todays climate of corruption, murders and many misdemeanors. Trump doesn’t fit anyones perception of a typical pres. I like that. The PolCrct World is killing me. I need oxygen. I see the bigger picture than what you see on tv. This climate is a looking glass that leaves no stone unturned. Karma ran over my dogma. It’s time for drastic change. Seems he was picked from above. I haven’t seen anyone race to the top as Trump…like him or not.


        • I agree with a lot of this, despite my reservations about Trump. Obama has been a disaster – and as corrupt as they come. I was glad when Trump won – mainly because he killed TPP, but also, as you say, I couldn’t abide the idea of continuing the status quo. In my view, it amounted to creeping fascism so I wasn’t a bit frightened by all the rhetoric portraying Trump as a fascist.

          By the same token, I am still going to welcome any chance to confront corruption. My goal ultimately is dismantle capitalism altogether. No elected politician is going to solve that problem for us.


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