Michigan Fights Order to Deliver Bottled Water to Flint Residents After Lead Poisoning Disaster

Posted: November 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Governor Snyder’s office is challenging a federal court order requiring the state to delivered bottled water to every Flint resident without a water filter.



Source: Detroit News

A federal court order requiring Michigan and Flint to deliver bottled water to all city residents without a verified filter at their home places is unnecessary and places an “insurmountable” burden on state government, the Snyder administration argued in a motion seeking relief.

Snyder officials argued the court order would require a “Herculean effort” equivalent to a large-scale military operation and cost the state at least $10.45 million a month, or $125 million annually. For about a year, Flint’s residents have been advised against drinking their tap water without a filter due to dangerously high lead levels.

Attorneys for Michigan Treasurer Nick Khouri and the Flint Receivership Transition Advisory Board on Thursday asked U.S. Circuit Judge David M. Lawson to “stay” his order from last week while the state prepares an appeal.

In a 37-page opinion, Lawson ordered home delivery of four cases of water per resident…

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  1. Frustration – why is Snyder still in office?

  2. Good question, JoAnn. I guess they haven’t found anyone to lead the recall campaign.

  3. Former governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, did the same thing a few years back. There are some sick, twisted people running the show around this country.

    • There is something terribly fucked up about the way we raise our kids so its no surprise. It was mainly my concern for children (as a child psychiatrist) that politicized me.

      • In the 1980s, I thought things couldn’t get worse than this. We’ll get rid of Reagan Inc. and go in a more sane, compassionate direction. But we didn’t. Then, there was Bush Sr.,then Bill Clinton (who was horrible, but didn’t seem as bad after Reagan/Bush) and I thought it really can’t get worse than this. We’ll do better than this soon. Then, George W. Bush. I was embarrassed as hell and thought it really, really couldn’t get worse than this. But, it has…

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