‘Swamp-Dwellers’ In Full Panic Mode Over Lack Of Trump “Access” – “A Lot Of Lobbyists Are Scrambling”

Actions speak louder than words and only time will tell if the Trump administration will follow through on their promises to “Drain The Swamp” in Washington D.C.

peoples trust toronto

The lobbying game is simple. The first step is to work on “The Hill” for a while to build up your sphere of relationships and influence. Of course, you don’t have to work in an elected capacity, being a high-level staffer for a prominent Senator or Congressman is more than sufficient. Then, after you’ve hobnobbed with enough people on The Hill to be deemed worthy, you get recruited by a lobbying firm just down the road that’s willing to pay you several multiples of your government salary in return for peddling your newly acquired influence. And, so you join the lobbying ranks where your sole mission is to peddle your influence to rake in millions of dollars from wealthy special interests.

But, in 2016, there’s just one problem: Trump. For the past 12 months Trump has toured the nation telling his voters that he has every intention to “Drain The…

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4 thoughts on “‘Swamp-Dwellers’ In Full Panic Mode Over Lack Of Trump “Access” – “A Lot Of Lobbyists Are Scrambling”

  1. Swamp creatures don’t drain the swamp, they simply eat the smaller swamp creatures. In the case of human swamp creatures, these larger predators will wipe out as much of their competition as possible, then create the illusion they cleaned things up.

    Trump has hired clever public relation illusionists who will stop at nothing to help him increase the size of his bank accounts and public persona.


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