White House Gives Up On Passing The TPP

By Vicki Needham for the Hill.

The Obama administration’s won’t pursue passage of its signature Pacific Rim trade deal, dealing a major blow to President Obama’s legacy. Any hope of passing the sweeping 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) quickly faded after Donald Trump’s surprise victory on Tuesday and pronouncements by congressional leaders that the pact would not be considered during the lame-duck session.

We have worked to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other trade agreements for more than five years. We were part of the movement of movements, the largest coalition ever opposing a corporate trade agreement, that stopped it. People told us stopping the TPP was impossible. Even after the election of Trump people still told us we could not win. But, after years of work, the impossible became the inevitable and the TPP is dead. . .


Source: White House Gives Up On Passing The TPP

8 thoughts on “White House Gives Up On Passing The TPP

  1. Finally! Some great news! I know how much time and effort you put into attempting to block this horrible trade agreement, Dr. Bramhall and I am so happy that your efforts were not in vain. One for THE PEOPLE!! I’ll take it!!!

    Obama doesn’t have a legacy unless you count, illegal detentions, drone striking wedding parties in Yemen, formulating terrorist activities all across the Middle East, continuing wars of naked aggression against sovereign nations, installing US puppet governments in other countries, wreaking havoc in Venezuela by declaring it ‘a security threat’ and then devastating that country with sanctions to the point where people are chasing wild animals for food and the list is endless. That half and half bastard is eating crow because he just got off the campaign trail for Hildabeast and then had to turn right around and host Donald Trump at the White House. HA! Some legacy!


  2. Thanks, Shelby. Your good words mean a lot to me. I think the secret to our success was to make a big enough stink that we forced those motherfuckers to postpone ratification (they were hoping to pass it back in 2011 when Wikileaks first released the draft text) until election year. Once candidates had to stand up and commit whether they would vote for it.

    And your absolute right about Obama’s legacy – whenever I think about his legacy, it’s definitely drones and the destruction of Libya and Venezuela that come to mind.


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