2 thoughts on “Hillary’s High Crimes & Misdemeanors 

  1. My opinion is, this government/country (empire) has outlived its usefulness to the elite, and so they are willing to allow it to collapse and fall. We know Soros and others have been attempting to start a race war (class war, in reality) for several years now. And it is evident, by the disastrous state of the economy, that the elite no longer care what happens to the ‘lower classes’, if they ever did care?

    So I think Hillary is going to win no matter what. And she will gladly, submissively do as she is told (you know how she kowtows to the CFR, etc), until the elite have used her all up, and then, perhaps, the elite will allow her to be impeached.

    It’s time to face reality, this empire is on its way out! And I say good riddance!


  2. What a difference 24 hours makes. The most recent news from the BBC is that Clinton will win the popular vote by 1% – apparently the pollsters were right about that. I guess the question now is how much leeway the oligarchy and the Washington bureaucracy will allow Trump in setting his own agenda – my guess is not very much. I suspect he will get his way with TPP and ending US saber rattling against Russia, two of the most pressing issues with me.

    The other good news is that you will see street protests massively escalate under Trump. Obama effectively killed the antiwar movement – since so many progressives and Democrats refused to protest his policies


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