15 Toxic Things You Don’t Know Are Poisoning Your Children

How consumers are continuously poisoning themselves: amalgam fillings, monosodium glutamate, toxic cleaners and beauty products, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, plastic food containers and bottles, gummy vitamins, baby powder and more.

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We live in a consumeristic culture that encourages us to buy numerous products we don?t need, many of which are filled with dangerous chemicals. We are constantly exposed to toxins because they?re hidden in our food, body products, ?medicine,? household items, and even the air we breathe.

Many of these products have misleading labels that read ?naturally inspired,? ?safe for children,? and ?made with organic or natural ingredients.? Many of these things are also recommended by doctors, other authoritative figures and government organizations, so people mistakenly assume that they?re safe for usage. The Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry maintains that children are often more susceptible to environmental hazards and recommends pregnant women and children take precautions to avoid exposure to toxins and chemicals. Numerous chemicals can be detrimental for brain development, particularly in regards to children, yet they are still approved and used to formulate many consumer products.

The following items…

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