Putin Plans to Banish Microsoft from Government Offices – @AceNewsServices

WASHINGTON: Putin backs plan to banish Microsoft from government offices and state companies after allegations of US using software for spying but it’s more likely it’s over Microsofts saying their Windows 8 had been hacked by Russia – But issuing patch on wait for it … US Election Day.

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#AceNewsReport – Nov.02: A US official has confirmed that Putin backs plan to banish Microsoft from government offices, state companies over the allegations of spying for the United States using Windows software …

The NBC News story on Russia’s effort to banish Microsoft said the company has been targeted ‘because it is the biggest American name in information technology and because it’s easy to convince Russians that the company works with the US intelligence community.’

Microsoft says hacking group previously linked to Russian government is exploiting Windows flaw; says patch for flaw will be released Nov. 8 – Reuters

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6 thoughts on “Putin Plans to Banish Microsoft from Government Offices – @AceNewsServices

    • Sounds like something Putin’s PR specialist told him to say. As far as I can see Snowden, like Assange, has had no difficulty releasing material embarrassing to the US government (until recently – when Ecuador shut off Assange’s Internet access).


  1. I use Windows 8.1 and have at least 3 different time periods with patches in last 2 day. My understanding anything pluged into electric grid even phones been recharged can be hacked.


  2. Good point, gerry. Makes me wonder if some of the open source platforms (like Firefox, OpenOffice and LibreOffice) spy on you. In my mind, it’s an excellent argument for using open source – rather than corporate-produced – software.


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