Is This Why Comey Broke: A Stack Of Resignation Letters From Furious FBI Agents

Posted: October 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

I guess it’s illegal for FBI agents to strike – mass resignation is the next best thing.



Source: Zero Hedge

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  1. PeaceFrog says:

    William Binney and Kirk Wiebe on how NSA, and the entire intelligence industry, is more corrupt now than they were before Church Committee / Watergate days:

  2. Great clip, PeaceFrog. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Alan Scott says:

    Wo! Wouldn’t we love to see a presidential candidate in prison! Bring it on!

  4. Whatever Comey’s reasons, which in the corruption-soaked world of Washington politics could be any of a number of unsurprising reasons, one has to feel at least some empathy for Anthony Weiner, who must feel lower than dirt. 🙂 Most remarkable presidential election in history, undoubtedly…

  5. I agree, Jerry. It’s almost like the ruling oligarchy deliberate seeks out deeply flawed people to run the democratic facade – because they’re so easy to blackmail and embarrass.

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