US states and cities face continual budget cutbacks while the federal government blows trillions of dollars on permanent war.

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SRSrocco Report

By the SRSrocco Report,

The United States is sitting on top of a massive amount of aging infrastructure that continues to disintegrate at an alarming rate. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the U.S. suffers from 240,000 water main breaks a year. That’s roughly 700 water main breaks each day.

Some of these water main breaks can be quite large. Here is a picture of water main break that took place on Howard Street in Baltimore.

Large Water Main Break

Furthermore, according to the the Water Main Break Clock, it costs approximately $3 billion a year just to repair the water main breaks in North America (USA & Canada). In addition, a congressional study estimated that water pipe corrosion in the United States costs $50.7 billion annually. Since 2000, the total U.S. water paper corrosion cost is a staggering $674 billion.

To replace all the water pipes in the…

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12 thoughts on “THE DISINTEGRATION OF U.S. INFRASTRUCTURE: Quarter Million Water Main Breaks A Year

  1. The Zionist banking cabal that oppresses and enslaved the world with their fiat monetary scam, thrives on volatility , fear and panic. These factors fuel speculation and profits up and down the pyramid . Insiders play the system with no risk. The zero sum rigged system always results in the rich defrauding the poor, concentrating wealth, lqnd, assets and POWER. Planned obsolescence in infrastructure, as in all consumer goods used by the goyim at their own expense, all.products of the military- industrialized -commoditized-capitalized civilization need to be replaced to maintain growth and development profits in the former of usury. American infrastructure should be built like the hoover dam. One time per century or two as technology rapidly advances however, power grids and infrastructure become obsolescent by the courses of progress in design. New systems of everything are needed. Green sources and systems.Usury and Corporate Crime free infrastructure and stable monetary systems.


  2. The electric grid where I live is circa 1910! And every time the wind blows over forty miles an hour, I am without power for three or four hours.

    And I’m certain the same is true with the water infrastructure. Every Spring, during the rainy season, we are under nitrate in the water warnings.

    Billions upon billions in the ready reserves of these pigs, and not one cent to for the infrastructure. Maybe they are waiting for ww III to be over?


    • The grid itself is enormously inefficient – approximately 8-15% of the electricity produce is lost between the power plant and the consumer. According to Nick Rosen, author of Off the Grid, they knew this back in the 1900s but creating the grid was part of a deliberate scheme by Edison, GE (the company he created) and Westinghouse to sell more electrical appliances and more electricity.

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      • I didn’t know about this percentage figure, but I do know about Edison, GE, etc.

        8 to 15% lost. I am not surprised. Like we have stated before, everything is a lie that is set up to favor only the psycho minority.


    • Antarctica is the big secret lost paradise with vast gold diamond and fossil fuel deposits. And there Resort warm.spots with lakes where the water is almost 40 degrees f. You know this is a huge media black out for 75 years.

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        • Yes Admiral James Forrstal who participated in Operation High jump in 1947 was murdered at Bethesda Naval.Hospital where he was taken and he allegedly hung himself with a sheet or jumped out a window. The revelations about Antarctica came from interrogating ex Nazis scientists who were welcomed to America under the post war operation Paperclip . I bet the Nazianz UFO stories are real.

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